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ExEllison Switchgear Services are leading manufacturers of low voltage switchgear solutions, supplying products and services to a wide range of industrial and commercial users and operators.

Our ability and willingness to support your existing installation makes us different to other switchgear manufacturers. We provide a full range of low voltage circuit upgrades, equipped extension sections, protection upgrades, change-over upgrades, fully bespoke modifications and maintenance services. We aim to provide solutions where standard ‘catalogue’ equipment simply does not fit in with your operational requirements.

Where deemed necessary we can provide full replacement switchboards but with a difference. Our replacements are engineered to minimise any disruption to your cabling by providing a modern, low voltage switchboard that maintains the termination positions of your existing cables. This can massively reduce the cost and downtime that would otherwise be required to replace or joint existing cables. Where access is difficult we have even designed and manufactured equipment to fit through undersized doorways.

Whoever manufactured your existing switchgear, whenever it was made, and whether the existing manufacturer supports it or not, we can support your installation today and into the future. We will not condemn your installation unless absolutely necessary and even then we will have a solution for your business to continue with minimum disruption.

For more information, get in touch today. As leading switchgear manufacturers, we can provide a range of services for your businesses’ switchgear. Call us on 01902 632639 or email enquiries@exellison.co.uk and we will be more than happy to help.

What our customers say…

My personal experience of ExEllison working at this hospital has been excellent. They have been able to adapt to meet our needs, deliver turnkey solutions to our developments and above all their emergency response has been exemplary. I would therefore have no reservations in commending Richard, Wayne and their excellent team.

Adrian Whatmore - Senior Electrical Engineer - NHS Tauton & Somerset

Switchgear-Retrofit.com are specialists in supporting your existing switch gear, retrofit installations and power factor correction upgrades. We provide a complete range of services such as transformer, switch gear and power factor correction upgrades to enable your business to continue operating reliably. From an ACB retrofit, single circuit maintenance right through to complete bespoke replacements you can rest easy that you have the backup you need.

Even if the original manufacturer is no longer able or willing to provide support, Switchgear-Retrofit.com understand that you need to support your business. We are specialists in providing that support.


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